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Karoma Pure Universal

Karoma Pure Universal

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Optimal Design for Tesla Models: This Tesla air freshener is perfectly tailored for the front air conditioner vents of Model 3 and Model Y. Featuring a scientifically advanced odor decomposition process, this car fragrance diffuser ensures the best performance when oriented forward. It's alcohol-free and safe for use around pregnant women and pets, offering a consistently refreshing scent throughout your journey.

Durable and Stylish: Securely fasten this air freshener in your Tesla with its robust metal back clip. It comes equipped with magnetic sides for easy assembly and removal. The sleek design combines alloy and walnut wood, enhancing your car's interior with a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic.

Customizable Aroma Experience: Enjoy a variety of scents with six replaceable incense sticks including Tangerine Cologne, Starlight Orange, and Black & Ocean flavors. Two blank sticks are also included for those who wish to personalize the aroma with their own essential oils. This flexibility allows you to tailor the scent to your preference, enriching your driving experience with a delightful fragrance.

Compact and Non-Obtrusive: The compact size of this air freshener integrates smoothly into your car’s layout without obstructing views, ensuring a safe and comfortable drive without sacrificing style. Its presence is subtle yet aromatic, maintaining the harmony of your car’s interior.

Ideal for Tesla Owners and Gifting: This fragrance diffuser is not only a great accessory for your Tesla but also makes a thoughtful gift for Tesla enthusiasts. Its elegant, low-profile design makes it particularly appealing to business-orient

  • 2 month supply | 5 most popular scents
  • Designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • We Plant 1 Tree for Each Purchase
  • Compostable Product + Packaging
  • Free USA Shipping + 30 Day Returns
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Wow, one of the best car fresheners